Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Selfish or not?

This is a 42 year old woman.
She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 4 years ago
There is no cure for MS, it is a progressive degenerative disease that eventually leads to cognitive and physical disability
In some people this degeneration is fast, in others it is a lot slower.
This woman already cannot walk properly and is forgetting words
She knew about her diagnosis, she knew everything about the disease and and its progression but...

She chose to have a child at the age of 41
She went through the stress of assisted conception
Her baby girl is now a year old
She is too tired to play with her
She can't handle her waking up at night
She doesn't have the strength to carry her often

By the time that little girl is 15
Mummy may be wheelchair bound
Mummy may be on disability benefits
She may have some mental difficulties
Little girl is just finding her foot in life then
Mummy is not there for her

Little girl has to take care of mummy
She has to sort out her care or leave it to someone else
Hopefully daddy is still there to help
Mummy knows about all this but she still chose to bring little girl to life
Just because she wanted to be a mother
How selfish

Or maybe not
This woman has an illness she knows will rapidly progress
She won't let it take over her life
She will still live her dream of being a mother
She will be there for her little girl no matter the difficulties
Until she can no longer cope

She gives every moment of everyday she has to her little girl
She wants her little girl to have fond memories of her mother
So that when times get rough, the good timess will light the moment
She battled the stress of assisted conception
She struggled with MS throughout the pregnancy
Just so she could live her dream
Just so she could give a child the chance to experience the world and fulfil its own dreams
How selfless

Or maybe not...

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  1. Its soo sad but i dont think she's bin selfish maybe she has no other kids and didnt want to die without having one.


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