Sunday, 22 November 2009

5 great things about using pigments

  • You can create whatever colour you like from a selection. This is extremely handy if you are a professional make-up artist.
  • Good pigments have far less fillers than pressed eye-shadows hence you get more colour pay off. This is better value for money because you use less to get the desired result.
  • More efficient storage: Most pigments are sold in stackable containers. You can make mountains and mountains of colours if you want and since the stack expands vertically you are not using much space. I like to store my pigments in round containers and the good thing is that it doesn't matter in what shape or form the pigments come I can empty them into my round containers. You can't do that with eye-shadows.
  • The varieties are endless. Vegan/natural/matte/shimmer/carmine free etc. You can use them as blushes, mascaras, eye-shadows, lip colours, foundation etc. Chances are that you will never end up with a colour that is discontinued or out of stock just because another brand will have it or you can re-create it. Another good thing about the variety is that you can shop around for very good deals depending on the brands and if you get really fed up just order micas and make yours.
  • Possiblitity of foiling (using the colour wet): you can attempt to foil pressed eye-shadows but you will most likely ruin it. With pigments all you need is a mixing medium and you are all set.

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