Monday, 23 November 2009

Angle shader brush

Do you have an angle shader brush? What do you do with it? This is another one of those brushes that most people do not bother with but it is extremely useful.

The aim of this brush is to create the classic 'V' eye-shadow. You can also use it to get into the lid or nasal (nose) creases or use it as an eye contour to create contrasting colours. So next time you are looking for sellotape to create a nice line at the outer edge of your eyes, consider one of these.

Using your angle shader brush to create a lined outer edge
Place the shorter tip of the brush on the edge of the eye then tilt your brush outwards and back in. Continue till you get the result you want.

In MAC language this is the 272/275 (£17.00); Sigma SS275 (eyes kit- $39.00 or complete kit $69.00); Crown brush S214 (£2.70); Jane Iredale eye contour (£8.00); Royal and Langnickel BC500 (£4.89) Bobbi Brown had one of these released with the Ivy Collection for fall 09 but I cannot find it online.

All the brushes above are similar quality (except the crown brush one, which is a lower quality; and the R&L one, which is shorter).

I use the Iredale one just because I am sure it is handcrafted and therefore good for mineral make-up and pigments. It is very good quality and compared to MAC 275 at £17, this is good value for money. A comparable and affordable one I found is Tigi Bedhead sexy pouf angle brush.
It is just the right length and shape to get the effect you want.

It is a little bit less dense than the Iredale one which means it doesn't hold as much powder but sometimes that is a good thing because you get better precision even though when it comes to contouring, it means more effort. It is made of the same hair fibre as the Iredale and MAC and also hand-crafted. At £3.50 (including delivery) it is a bargain.

The R&L one is slightly better quality but it costs more including delivery. You might as well just get a very good one.

Now you can add another great brush to your kit.

Stay beautiful...

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