Thursday, 5 November 2009

Businessense - Blogging at your own domain

Have you ever thought that blogging at might not be as professional or as sleek as blogging at

As with all things, you will most likely progress to a certain stage where you should own your domain. It becomes a business identity. It is what people will remember about you, what they ultimately associate with you.
Your own domain increases your credibility simply because you are not renting it. For instance, did not work for me, because it is a borrowed domain from blogger. is mine. I created it. I love being able to tell people, go to It sounds nicer and more professional and of course posh, which is what I wanted. I can create any design I want on it because it is mine. I am not restricted to the rules and templates of blog host X.
Heaven forbid blogger annoys you and you want to switch to a different blog host, the domain name you use will change if you don't have yours. Also, you will have to notify people of the change in domain name, which can be a hassle sometimes.
Another advantage of your own domain is that you rank higher in search pages. Who doesn't appreciate google traffic?

If you intend to keep blogging for fun, it may not matter but if you intend to build an identity around your blog, like most of my beauty blogging fashionistas, invest in your own domain. Along with your domain, you can get an e-mail address. Instead of, it becomes, which has a lot more status. Let's face it, in today's world millions of people blog and you'd surely want yours to be different. Wouldn't you?

It is very easy to get your domain name, and it costs as little as $5-10 per month, depending on who you use as the host. That's less than you would spend on drink X in a week!


  1. hey how did you get to change your url icon from the blogger icon. or does anyone have an idea or know how?

  2. @B Yeah

    @Claribel It is a bit complicated but here is how you can do it:

    I had problems with mine so I let someone else do it using Photobucket as the image host.

  3. thanks a bunch for the tips will try it. nice blog by the way.


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