Thursday, 26 February 2009

Red Hot Smokey Eyes...

I've just been enjoying the red carpet galore and watching beautiful dresses (and really ugly ones too!) and make -up. Seems like all the sistas went for the smokey eyes look but then again that's what makes the sexy look!
So here are my picks:

First up is Beyonce at the Golden Globes.
Very beautiful but simple divalicious look. Notice how all the attention is drawn to the smokey eyes in the face. Always best to go for nude/natural lips with dramatic eyes.

I loves the dress too. Beautifully complemented by the choker and the man too :)

Next is Halle Berry at the academy awards. Same smokey eyes with nude lips. Very beautifully done. I love the bare neck. Does not steal any attention from the face or diamond earrings. How could this woman be 42 and post-partum?

Next up is Taraji Henson. She really worked it for me in all the awards especially in her beautiful halter neck dress at the SAG awards. Her hair was on point, perfect lash extensions to really highlight the smokey eyes. Love how she kept the diamonds to the wrist. This lady just screams class! Absolutely divalicious...

Can you imagine a red carpet with no disasters? I just can't!

First up here is believe it or not- Beyonce at the Academy Awards! Her make up was so not on point! Nobody does a tick eye liner these days not especially in a medieval flower vase dress! What the hell was she thinking???

And the award of the century for the wrongest make-up ever goes to.........................................

Oh my!!! She was just so white! Smokey eyes and shouting lips are not very good for red carpet, especially with a very obvious lace wig! I think she should fire her make-up artist/beauty advisor. The smokey eyes were well done and her dress was so beautiful but...Miss Keys, you just didn't get it right this time and no-one can take that away from you!

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