Saturday, 7 February 2009

The 'How to' guide review

The basics
Title: Breaking into and succeeding as a natural, organic and mineral cosmetics maker

Authors: Jennie S. Bev; Nicole J. LeBoeuf-Little; Margie Monin

Pages: 87

Price: $97.95

Quick Information: This eGuide provides insightful information, advices and tips for anyone who is contemplating to become a natural, organic and mineral cosmetics maker. Numerous hard-to-find resources are included to help you locate pertinent information.

I must admit I was amazed at the amount of useful information I got out of this book. It is based on a lot of American principles but these can easily be applied to whatever country you live in.

The good:
  • I love how the language is so easy to understand and the examples or rather words of advice from people who haver actually made it.
  • The substance of the book is only about 45 pages. Pp 69-86 contain a list of private and contract label manufacturers in North America and Canada and it's this list that makes the book expensive! If you live elsewhere this is of course useless to you unless you plan to create the business in the states. First few pages are introduction and some motivation i.e the myths or doubts people have and why they do not apply etc.
  • There are many website links and for me this is very helpful. Even though the book is small, every link you visit has a sea of information.
  • It tells you all the legal stuff you need to know. Most of them I knew but It helps you understand how certain things like incorporation, patents etc apply to you.
  • It goes on for a bit on natural vs organic cosmetics, what labels say and why you should (not!) believe what you read, the (very lousy) rules on labeling your own cosmetics etc.
The not so good:
  • A few hints on making your own brand but I must say not that helpful. Also a very short section on what to include in the catalogue which I didn't think was any help at all.
  • There is nothing about formulations in the book, though it tells you you can hire a lab to create a formulation (as if you didn't already know) and gives some websites which tell you about home-made formulas (a bit more useful)
  • I hardly found anything on mineral cosmetics which is a shame really as the title led me to believe that there will be helpful information in there.
Obviously the book has copyright restrictions which means I can't say exactly what's in it but it was a good read. In my opinion $97 is definately too much especially if you do not live in the states. If you do it is worth it - a bit. All the legal information you can get from business websites or any good business book -one of those 'for dummies' books will do. If like me you live in the UK, has the UK rules on cosmetic safety regulations. Also information on certifying organic can be found at Also remember to sign the safe cosmetic agreement and if you care, the HCS cruelty-free agreement Of course all those website links in the book you can find on google but the joy is that it puts all this information in the same place.

As for a list of private and contact label manufacturers in the UK/EU I have not laid my hands on one yet but I am sure the in-cosmetics conference in Munich will solve that problem.

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