Sunday, 1 March 2009

Professional Ugly Credit Crunch

Professional Beauty London was fun and the setting was nice but it was the scantiest I've ever known it to be. The credit crunch is really biting hard at the industry.

I spent most of my time collecting details of contract manufacturers and suppliers and parading about the mineral make up stands. I am in love with mineral make-up especially Jane Iredale and I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting her today and guess what?! She looked human!

OK I know you think I'm losing it but for me this was a big thing. I met someone who has done it before and she felt real. It means that I can do it too and I'm so inspired by her vision as she's not even a make-up artist! I also met up with the JI team and learned a lot of tips here and there. A MUA is never perfect you know, we always strive to improve.

(Very good tattoo camouflage going on here. All images are clickable)

I went over to bare escentuals (i.d.) and I didn't really like it- I was especially annoyed that I could not buy anything because they won't sell at the show. What a dumb thing to do at an exhibition! I however saw very lovely shimmery blue and lime green eye colours that I'm gonna be investing in.

I know I'm gonna enjoy mineral make-up because the colours are so intense (no talc!) so a little goes a long way and it does not wear off- it's gonna last me ages (which means more ££££!) but the proof of the pudding, as they say, is in the eating so I'm gonna try them out and put up photos of my work and you can be the judge.

This is the entire JI colection. I'm really in love with the 24K gold dust!

All the bases, 4-in-1 (concealer, foundation, spf, powder) or 3-in-1

The eye colours
24K gold dust!
I told Jane that I would really like a sky/icy blue one and she said she would make it. I'm really excited and looking forward to an icon releasing a product I requested. that'll be the day!

I was also totally inspired to add beauty therapy to my list of trades today. If anything the equipments are so sleek, but the real reason- that thing is a £-spinner.

I know what you thinking- I love money...Yeah I do! If I'm gonna expend my talent making people look good then they should do their part and make my bank account look good. So I might just find myself doing facials and waxing, as well as airbrushing and mineral make-up. How exciting!

Ugly credit crunch, be gone!!!

Where does medical education fit into all of this? I am still wondering myself. Sigh...

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