Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Moving On...

I didn't die or fade off the earth. I had exams :(
Afterwards I went home and had a long discussion with my parents about my future, mainly on the 'funding' topic. They're willing to help but I have to come up with a well laid out (and ready to go) plan before they even have a look at it. These things cost a lot of money, just to register my trademark internationally is gonna cost me around £900! If I have any advice for any starters out there- be patient and persevere. It can get frustrating and you have to stay focused.

I have a CPD course coming up soon. CPD (Continuing Professional development) is something that has become natural to me as it is necessary in both my medical and make-up profession. Make-up artists have to keep up with the trend too you know. I'm also attending the in-cosmetics workshop in Munich on organic cosmetics which is coming up soon. It's a 2-day conference on organic jargon and there's gonna be an exhibition of organic cosmetic manufacturers and brands. All this in the midst of my time-constrained anatomy project but I know it's worth it and it will be fun.

I hope I will be able to give some helpful tips on the industry and how to go about things. By the way I'm currently reading the 'How to' natural cosmetics guide. So far so good...

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