Sunday, 15 February 2009

Royal Pain

Whether you'd like to accept it or not, royalty is a privilege. Even though generally one might not have a say on whether or not to be one, I happen to be a royal poshness- my very own self-declared royalty. I like to think of my poshness as a sovereignty in itself. Yeah I know, I'm so full of myself but hey that's what makes me... Royal!

Anyway in my attempt to incorporate my royalty, I got a little shocker when I was told that I have to write a letter to the secretary of state to request written approval to use the word 'royal' in my name. I must show that I am in no way affiliated with the royal family and do not intend to mislead the public into thinking so. Now while I must admit I find the mere thought of misleading the public very delightful, it is not my aim at all. However I do want the public to believe that my line is a very posh (sovereign standard) one. Some people might argue that that is misleading but then again, that is not 'the aim'. The bottom line is I am not affiliated with the British royal family or Her Majesty's government and I do not even want the public to think that at all, in fact I might be annoyed if that happens.

So I wrote a letter trying to explain why I am royalty in my own right and how I intend to use my privilege if granted to the good of beautiful women as it is all organic bla bla bla.
Fingers crossed the reply, if I get one this year, will be good. However until then, everything else- logo, trademark etc has to go on hold. This is all becoming such a royal pain in the...

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