Sunday, 11 January 2009


In my latest exam tantrum I knocked over a glass of Jamaican 'sorrel' drink aka 'zobo' that took me a while to prepare. It spilled all over my table, notes, clothes etc. If you have ever handled the roselle petal, which is what 'sorrel' is, you will know that it stains a deep red colour and is quite difficult to wash off. ًI was angrily scrubbing away and thinking of whether to bother re-writing those notes for the exam. I looked up at the exam revision time whatsoever. I started mentally trying to delete events to slot in an hour for re-writing notes. Ironically, next
to it was one of my self-talk notes 'Every cloud has a silver lining'. What could possible be good about my dire situation?
Then it hit me! I've been thinking of a solution to this carmine issue because I need to have red colouring in my make-up. Voila! Why can't I use roselle instead? After all the extracting process is the same i.e. boiling dried leaves instead of dried insects and roselle is so available in the part of the world where I'm from!
Looks like I'm gonna be calling some manufacturers to offer my advice on the red colouring situation. Maybe every cloud does have a silver lining...

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