Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Cruelty-free or nothing!

I can't believe what I have seen. No more natural make-up brushes for me ever. I do not need for a raccoon or a squirrel or a horse to be skinned for me to put on a blusher. The poor creatures. This is what a raccoon hair brush comes from, and the tails sell for as little as $10 for mass production. Most of the hairs come from Asia where the animal welfare standards are practically non-existent so for all I know they could have been skinned alive. I could have lived with goat hair brushes as I know they are slaughtered for consumption anyway but raccoon? squirrel?
I know my line is supposed to be 100% organic but for this I'll make an exception. The brush fibres will be 100% synthetic and the ferrule 100% recycled aluminium/brass. The handle will be organic anyway from birch wood or the likes. I couldn't possibly sleep at night knowing I contributed to the cruelty of an innocent animal. Its just like I killed it myself.
I suppose I will plant a tree for every 3 brushes in my line or so to compensate for whatever damage I could have done while making synthetic brushes...

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