Monday, 29 December 2008

Stress! Stress!! Stress!!!

I really had no idea how trying starting an organic make-up line is. If you want cheap stuff its easy but otherwise you are in for a ride. Don't get me wrong it is real fun discovering things I never knew were important and learning about chemicals that you need a biochemistry PhD to understand but I'm also a full time medical student learning about dopamine and paracetamol for some exams I will be writing in January, so time is not my best friend and neither is money. Make-up and skin care has always been my thing and I am so frustrated at the lack of range for coloured skin when it comes to natural/organic line that I decided to do something about it. You have to consider a lot of things when producing- what age range, what colour of skin, photography/bridal/occassion etc etc; packaging (which has to be enviromentally friendly); Logo; trademarks; what products etc etc. It's a bit too much for my saturated brain right now but after exams when I have dejunked some useless information, things will really get on track...

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