Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Brushes - Organic vs Cruelty-free

As I am currently an insomniac, I decided to tire myself out somehow and hopefully drop into my bed and guess the winning activity...sanitation of my make-up collection. Yes things need throwing out on this path to 100% organic-ness. Some things I have had since A-level and you shouldn't keep any make-up for over a year, some items even less than that. So while I was happily disposing, I came across my highly treasured make-up brushes which cost me an arm, a leg and some more. Slowly I wondered to myself, are these organic or not? So after 5 minutes of aimlessly trying to pinch hairs off the ferrule, I decided to do something smarter and got on good old google. I realised that they ARE organic as they were made from natural animal hair (pony, goat, raccoon and sable). Phewwwwwww. I happily returned to my disposal and then another nagging thought. How on earth did they get raccoon hair? Don't tell me they killed a raccoon just so I can put on a blusher! What about the sable???
So I got back on good old google ...and realised no one ever says how they got the hair they used to make the brushes. I pondered for a bit... then the solution came to me- synthetic brushes! 100% animal -free. Now why didn't I think of that?
I returned to my disposal and annoyingly, another nagging thought. What exactly is synthetic? Again I found myself on google. Synthetic is really toray, taklon or teijin fibres. These fibres are made in factories which emit goodness-knows-what and take forever to degrade!
aaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!!! The fundamental problem - 100% inorganic! Can't a girl get 100% organic cruelty-free brushes? OK I rest my case. No more disposal as I need to go strangle my pillow...
But I do wonder which is better? Organic or cruelty-free?

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