Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Why you should care...

Everyone keeps asking me and wondering: Why should I care about what is in my make-up?

There's this thing called bioaccumulation- which basically means that toxic chemicals accumulate in your body over time. We live in the day and age where girls start using make-up from an average age of 10 and carry on until forever. Most make-up manufacturers do not care about your health to be honest, they only care about the bank account. Their skin care and make-up products contain alcohol, paraben, polyethylene and some other highly toxic and carcinogenic (cancer-inducing) agents. Some of them actually contain chemicals that never get eliminated from the body and get passed on to the next generation when you have babies (trust me here I am curently a toxicology expert!). It's not a cheap cosmetic thing, most well-known high class brands use chemicals that are very toxic.

Your face is second to your heart in reflecting your beauty. If you eat non-organic vegetables and chicken-wings every night, you are already accumulating toxic chemicals in your body. The least you can do yourself is to avoid adding more. The incidence of cancer, especially skin cancer is on the rise. It may not happen to you now or even ever, but would you rather take the chances? I'm not saying that if you do all the good things you will not get cancer. Many things contribute to cancer. But you will significantly lower your risk...

All we ever aim for is a flawless skin. So if you use make-up to try and achieve that, and you end up irritating your skin, you will need more make-up next time to cover the irritation and this means even more irritants. Most of them do not even have SPF. I used to think if you have coloured skin it doesn't matter, this is very untrue. You need sun protection but not as much as those with non-coloured skin tones.

Be good to yourself. Contrary to beliefs, its not unaffordable to take good care of yourself. There are some high quality products out there that are good value for money, after all we can spend thousands on cars, houses, shoes etc. but the thing which will serve us well is good health and a flawless skin to go with it.

If you want to know how safe the product you currently use is, go to: http://www.cosmeticdatabase.com/ and search for it. You'll be amazed to find that there are some very good as well as some very dangerous products out there.

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