Monday, 5 January 2009

Time to throw away that mascara...

This is the truth that most ladies don't want to hear. I know it cost you £17 and you have barely used it but hey...

You know when you go to buy your milk you get the one that has the furthest expiry date and you get just the right size so you don't have to pour any down the drain. Once it's opened, that use by date is useless because truthfully all you have is 3 days to down the whole carton.

Why am I telling you this? Make-up and skin care products expire, believe it or not. Don't you ever wonder why that product that cost you an arm and a leg, that is 100% natural and worked wonders on your face is now not doing any good and you are completely covered in spots? Yes sometimes it is your hormones or school/work or your stupid boyfriend, but most times it's not. It's the harmful product you put on your face.

Here is the recommendation for make-up use by dates:
Water-based foundation: 1 year
Oil-based: up to 18 months.
The two different types will be clearly visible on the label.

1 year.

Pressed form: up to 18 months
Loose variety: up to 1 year.

Pressed: one year.
Cream blushers: 18 months

Eye shadow
Powder and cream formulations: 18 months-2 years

Lipstick and Lip Gloss
2 years.
if you get a cold sore while using one, throw it out immediately

3-4 months.
Don't share mascaras with friends - the wand harbours a host of bacteria that are naturally present on our eyelashes but can cause infections to others.

Eye Liner/Lip Liner
Pencil form: 2 years
Liquid: 6 months

I know people who have had make-up products for up to 5 years and still use them! This is very bad for your skin.

The problem now is: how do you remember when to throw it away?
Most cosmetic products do not have sell by or use by dates. These are 2 different concepts because if you go to buy a mascara from a store that has had it in their cabinet for 6 months, you are already in trouble. So a sell by date is very important for retailers and they never tell you that.
Think of this as a good thing- you have an excuse to replace that eye shadow you are bored with! OK I get it, you are annoyed because you bought your expensive mascara and used 1/4 of it in 3 months and now you have to throw it away. This, I believe, is an error on the manufacturer's part. Mascara does not need to come in that much quantity only if you use it professionally or you wear make-up everyday, neither does any other cosmetic. Ideally they should come in different sizes and they should all have use-by dates on the product and on the packaging. I know a brand that puts use-by dates on the packaging only. Who keeps their cosmetic packaging?! But not to worry...HRP will solve all these silly problems.

So Ladies, let's go through that make up bag together. Empty the whole bag and wash out all that glitter and powder that has accumulated in it for 100 years and wash those brushes (tips only!) too in your hair shampoo. Now throw away all those pre-historic x-mas sale cosmetics and skin care products (yes the toner and the moisturiser too).
Until HRP comes to life, head to your favourite store or website and treat yourself like a queen...

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