Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Honest Counterfeit

Honest (from the Oxford Dictionary)

  • Free of deceit and untruthfulness
  • Morally correct or Virtuous
  • Fairly earned esp through hard work
  • Blameless or well intentioned even if unsuccessful or misguided
  • Simple unpretentious and unsophisticated
People often associate dishonesty with huge deceit, lies etc but it is a lot simpler than that. It is a feature of everyday life. For instance, when you say you will do something and you don't and you say 'Sorry I was busy (or whatever you come up with). The truth is you were not busy, neither are you even sorry!
When you use a fake ID to be an age you are not in order to get some benefits, or any other form of giving false information- it is dishonesty

Most people say you cannot be 100% honest your whole life. I agree with that. Sometimes when people ask me 'How are you?' What I should really be saying is 'Well, I am angry that it is Monday, I am broke, my car insurance is due and I really hate your shoes!' but all I say is 'I am fine', which is obviously a lie.

There are however some forms of everyday life dishonesty, which people accept as normal that just shouldn't be.

One of them is counterfeit. A girl wants a Louis Vuitton bag but she can't afford it, so she goes to some counterfeit trader and purchases it. The same with those Dior shoes or Chanel earrings. This is everyday life.

Another is downloading. If a recording company releases an album, or a film maker releases a feature and you download it with out paying for it, that is stealing! Everybody downloads you say, but it doesn't make it right because the music artist/actors work hard to produce it and people just cheapen it by downloading it from some random site free of charge.

When someone says you look really nice and in their hearts are laughing mad at your fuschia shoes and green skirt, or 'I love you' to someone and they don't mean it, or 'my house is burnt down please lend me some money' when you can see her little kid waving from the top window, this is all dishonesty, just in a different setting.

The point of all this is for us to realise every form of dishonesty plays the human mind. Those fake bags and shoes affect the genuine LV and co. The recording artists and co suffer the consequences of downloading (not to mention the crap quality). You may not realise it but when you say something and don't mean it, usually the other person can see right through you and if not it's only a matter of time.

Alas, everyone thinks this is not my piece of cake, until someone very close to you takes a fake cholesterol tablet from the same counterfeit industry that made that fake LV you bought and they die; or when someone commits suicide or picks up a gun and shoots everyone around them just because they realised you didn't mean anything you said; or most importantly, when you put up photos of your work or whatever on blogger, you tube etc and someone nicks it and distributes it for free. That's when you know how Rihanna must have felt when you downloaded 'Umbrella' from whatever site for free...

It is possible to rid yourself of all this madness. You do not have to be part of a dishonest trend. You may think this is not important but it boils down to a free conscience and peace of mind from living a more honest life. In the eyes of others, all you have is your reputation and when people associate you with honesty, your reputation is heading to the sky...

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