Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Hello Poshville

Yes people, you are in Poshville. After months of planning and editing I've finally decided the layout of my blog.

Her Royal Poshness is supposed to be a representation of the ideal woman. Every woman is a royal poshness deep down. OK maybe in some it is a bit deeper down but it's still there.

Make-up is my thing but it's not my only passion. A woman's life incorporates many things. Beauty can be created on the outside but true beauty radiates outwards from within. It reflects a balance between internal forces and external factors. Afterall at the end of the day when all is done and dusted, all the make-up is washed off and all the drama is irrelevant, when you look in the mirror, all that is left is the true you. What do you see? a few black heads? Lies? deceit? confusion? or do you see beauty? happiness? self-content? This is what truly matters...

I don't want Poshville to be just another beauty blog. It is intended to be a kind of peace haven. For me the writer, it definitely is because I can pour my thoughts.
For you the reader, it should be just the same. Surely you will digest whatever you read being the intelligent creatures you are and you will agree/ disagree with what I think/say/do and find a way to express it.

So what should you expect from Poshville?

Well, the short and perfect answer is a bit more.

Happy Blogging...

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