Monday, 14 September 2009

NARS fall collection

Has anyone tried the NARS fall collection? I'd love to know what you think about it.

"This edgy, alluring look begins with the ultimate bedroom eyes. A harmony of champagne and charcoal eyeshadow hues built to a sultry finish. A soft sheer complexion invigorated with a sculpted, flushed cheek. The primary focal points: bold, deep-plum-tinted lips and tips. The result is charming, glamorous, and resolutely modern. In other words, completely NARS".
NARS website

The collection is made up of 3 eye-shadow duos-Silk Road, Indian Summer, Brumes; one single eye-shadow- Mekong; a very intense plum nailpolish- Tokaido Express and err some deep red lipsticks which I didn't swatch (my sincere apologies :P). I really love the nail polish. It is very intense and beautiful. It is a definite must-have! (I tried it honestly but I bite my nails so I'm not putting up any images).

Top to bottom, Left to right: Indian Summer duo, Silk Road duo; Brumes duo, Mekong single
Bottom picture in natural light

*If you click any of these images, you'd be amazed how huge my hands can grow!
As for the colours- nothing unusual in my opinion but the shadows carry the usual NARS quality- very pigmented and I see myself wearing Indian Summer to a lazy day at work and spicing it up with a blend of Brumes at night to create a dangerous smokey look. I would save Silk Road and Mekong for a nice day out. They would make a great day-time combination. Indian Summer and Silk Road are mostly warm tones while the Brumes is a bit cooler.

Mekong is a good one to have if you have nothing like it, mainly because you can use it very very lightly as a bronzer ( I said lightly!) and also as an eye-shadow base.

Y'all know when it comes to blushes, NARS is literally second to none. Two blushes- Montenegro and Angelika have been re-launched with this collection. Montenegro is my favourite NARS blush of all time. It is a cream blush with a very smooth consistency. You can lighten or darken it up depending on your skin tone or what look you are trying to create. Angelika is a baby pink blush. I'd use it with the lighter eye-shadows to complete an all-round subtle day look.

All in all I'd say this is a good collection. Whether or not you'd go for it is up to you. If I had to choose one item only I would go for the nail polish! (OK I'd take the Indian Summer duo too).

Now what did I get you from my visit to the NARS stand?
A Montenegro blush and a Silk Road duo. There's 2 items for 2 winners and all you have to do to win either is to tell me what is NARS's first name? Yes he's a he...

Good luck with that.

By the way I can't get my head round these Louboutin shoes. I wonder where all my male admirers are when I need them. Hmm...

Stay beautiful...


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