Wednesday, 10 June 2009

In the Spotlight...Tarte Cosmetics

Tarte is a natural cosmetic line founded by Maureen Kelly back in 1999. I must admit I never heard of it till I attended the in-cosmetics conference in Munich back in April.
The theme of the whole conference was natural/organic and the trend right now is definitely green. Everyone is talking 'sustainable', 'recyclable', 'chemical free', 'toxin free' etc. All major brands out there are jumping on the green bandwagon.
This conference did me plenty of good. It was so nice to see ingredients for a change and be able to reflect on the ocean of raw materials out there for finished products. Every one was gloating about their 'wonder' new ingredient and how it will impact cosmetic products and ultimately the end consumer. Just attending it made me feel detoxified.
If this was not a finished product conference at all, why am I telling you about Tarte?

In the conference hall, there is usually an 'innovation zone', which only a select few products make. In that zone, some finished goods that are trend-setting are exhibited. I was amazed to find that a company, Tarte, had products in 2 different sections of this zone, the 'tech-ture' and 'anti'ageing' sections (others are naturals, protection, techno-beauty and beauty foods).
To be featured in the innovation zone is a huge thing, let alone have 2 products in it.

I examined the anti-ageing blush. I have heard of many anti-ageing products, but very few are blushes. This product will also fit in the protection and naturals sections. It is a limited edition product that contains the t5 superfruit complex signatory to Tarte. The complex is said to help fight free radicals, brighten, reduce redness, soothe, soften and deliver skin restoring properties. How cool is that? I suggest you run off to Tarte and help yourself before it runs out. If you are a make-up artist, this is one for those red cheeks that you usually have to put layers of concealer and foundation on. It retails at $28.00 (18.67). You might think that's expensive but nothing good comes cheap, trust me on that. It's good value for money. Professional Make-up artists can get 40% off with Tarte pro :D

What really caught my attention was the spring-greening reuseable straw palette in the tech-ture section. It was there because it is a product that merges the 'practical and playful'. The packaging is every green girl's dream. The compact is made from sustainable straw and the foam tray in it is made from Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (a recycled material). The best part is after all the make-up is gone, you can just throw away the foam tray and use the palette to store jewellery, some make-up items, business cards, coins, whatever tickles your fancy really :)
It has 6 beautiful eyeshadow colours and even though it is called spring greening, I'm sure you'll agree this is a very summery collection. The lip glosses are infused with the t5 superfruit complex so you get all those benefits listed above. I got to play with it at the conference but I was only allowed for five minutes :( I would give this a score of 7.5/10 for pigmentation. It is comparable to a MAC shadow.

The cute little brush is from sustainable wood and the bristles are so soft, perfect for packing and blending the eye shadows.

I really love this brand and their philosophies. They support Sustainable Amazon Partnership (SAP) and do not test on animals, just how I would like every brand to be.

The sustainable palette retails at $38.50 (£25.67) and Tarte only delivers to the USA.

What's that you're saying? Too expensive? Don't live in the USA? Stop whining! Her Royal Poshness has one right beside her in Leeds :)

Do you want it?
I don't care if you live in the North Pole, I can get it to you. All you have to do is name the brown shadow in the palette.

Something else I found very intriguing in Munich, the beautiful music produced by these men, from these instruments I had never seen in my life. Simply amazing.

Stay beautiful...


  1. awesome blog makeover lady!!! so pretty!!

  2. You know, I was drooling over this palette last night and looking at it. So, doing some searching for it, I somehow end up back here. :p I'm all, "pictures!!"

    It drives me a bit nuts that there aren't actual shade names. The brown shadow is simply "Sparkling golden bronze", the teal "Sparkling vibrant teal", etc. I like names! Or at least numbers.


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