Wednesday, 10 June 2009

For the love of...Sub-Saharan Africans

This is the press officer of the British National Party, which has just won 2 seats in the European parliament. Racism is a very widespread thing, and while people are not allowed to openly express it, here it can be done under the name of 'BNP'.

Are we really dysfunctional underachievers with low IQ, who mug white people and fill up the prisons, and eat up the tax payer's money? I am a tax payer along with my sub-saharan African doctor friends and this really hurts. I'm sure that black people contribute a lot of good to Britain one way or another.

Charles Dickens? Mozart? Has this man not heard of Wole Soyinka or Fela Kuti before? He obviously does not know Aliko Dangote, Nelson Mandela or Kofi Annan (or Barack Obama even).
What we have is what is important to us. It is just rather unfortunate most Westerners do not relate to our music or our stories. Just because no one has written about begging for more soup doesn't make us under-achievers. Our priorities in Africa are different. Our culture and heritage has come far and I think that for us to recover from the slaves that our ancestors were to get to where we are now is an achievement. The only things most people know are the epidemics and poverty issues portrayed by the media. As far as I am concerned, poverty is everywhere. People here live a 'borrowed' life. Everything is credit. Take away all the credit and let's see what the country will become (credit crunch anyone?). The reason why everyone gets healthcare is because it is 'free' (NOT- We pay 40% income tax). I am a medical student and about 80% of the patients I've met are Caucasian!
This guy is laughable to be honest but I'm in no such mood. From constructing the underground to owning the football clubs, Britain is where it is because of foreigners.

It wasn't long ago I was last offended, at the in-cosmetics conference Munich. This was a world wide conference and in some seminar, some lady said her company is worldwide (while showing a map of the world with dots on every continent except Africa). After this seminar I was sat amongst a group of 'elite' women having lunch and discussing the seminar when someone asked me about my brand. I took precious time to tell her all about it (I usually get very hyper when I am talking about my beauty dreams) and after I was done, she just looked at me and said "Africans are starving, they have no time for make-up!"
I swear I mentally gave her a black eye just then. She is clearly clueless about African women and I was not even going to educate her. I almost drowned her in hot tea!

There is a lot about Africans that is just taken for granted. We are a very talented lot when we are given the chance. African women have a colourful history, celebrate beautiful festivals in style and are never in a 'hurry' as is the case in the west. They LOVE to look good (for goodness sake I am one!) and will spend everything for the perfect image. Family and love and beauty is everything to us.
It's such a shame that some people associate Africans with crime. All the murders I read on the news last week were committed by Caucasians.

Yes we may not have people who have made headlines but we are most certainly not any of the things that Mr 'BNP' has called us.

I am ashamed to say I live in Yorkshire where one of the MP's was elected. Please visit the BNP and see what they have in stock for the 'caucasians' and their defence. I wouldn't want to be alive to see such a thing in Britain. At least we 'dysfunctionals' are only to be expatriated!

From a very disturbed


  1. Wow this guy sounds a bit like Hitler...crazy! What a bastard.

  2. woooooooow!!!
    I can't beliee those women said that!! They should go to Senegal or Nigeria, shoot any African country!!


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