Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Choosing a Good Eyecream

Most people tend to ignore their eyes when it comes to moisturising. Your eyes actually need more moisture than your skin because they get dehydrated more easily (that's why tiredness shows there) and eye wrinkles are notoriously difficult to get rid off cosmetically. That's why eyecreams were created.

Eye cream is really important when it comes to make-up. A lot of mature women don't wear make-up because they are worried it will set and accentuate fine lines. Actually this may be because the skin is dehydrated and when you put on make-up, it 'drinks' up the moisture in the make up and dries it out. A good eye cream will not only hydrate the area and reduce this, but it can also serve as an eye base for your make-up too.

Of course there are many out there which all claim to do weird and wonderful thing. Some are designed to brighten up the eyes because of the reflectiveness. Some claim to make the skin look smoother,  hide puffiness and in the long run, reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

The important thing when choosing is to consider, as you would do other skin products, the ingredients and if you are sensitive to them, your kind of skin (dry/normal/oily/sensitive) and the results you are after. If I wanted an eyecream, I'd want one that brightens,moisturises and is natural. You might need one that reduces dark circles or one that reduces puffiness and fine lines, or one that is calming. Don't just buy any eyecream or else you might not be impressed with your purchase. You must also invest in one which gives good value for money. With most eye creams you only need a little at a time but look at the net weight and the price and ask yourself if it is a reasonable investment. Your best bet is to read customer reviews. There is nothing more handy than the experience of someone who has tried it before (eyecream.org and eyecream. com are two places to start). Watch out for magazine and other media reviews. You will probably not get it right the first time you try and you may need to try a few different creams before you find the one that works for you. My advice would be to give it about 4-6 weeks for results to start showing. Mischievous had a go with the Garnier eye cream. This is another experiment from Total Beauty. Don't forget the SPF as sun damage can accelerate wrinkling and also you can get skin cancers around the eyes. Most eyecreams do not have have SPF so I would suggest an SPF moisturiser over the eye cream or an SPF foundation. Use eyecreams overnight if you are trying to replenish the moisture content or cause cell regeneration. I use Burt's bees radiance Eye Cream on myself.  Like I said it is all about preference.

Using a good eye cream can save you from looking like you need 100 years of sleep everyday! Hopefully you'll be more adventurous with your make-up when you realise that the fine lines aren't so bad anymore...

Stay beautiful...

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