Monday, 27 July 2009

Keeping you in the loop

Her Royal Poshness has had a lot on her plate recently...

  • After jet setting for 3 months in a row, I'm back home in Nigeria. Internet access is a bit tricky over here so pardon my random internet presence :)
  • In those three months, I went to the make-up show NYC where I met beauty bloggers and they rock; I went to IMATS LA and I met a few YT gurus and saw a lot of things. I got plenty of inspiration from everything around me in IMATS. Pasadena is a beautiful place and I will be going back next year ISA. I also went to In-cosmetics Munich, that's a show for make up manufacturers and distributors. Its all about innovation and cosmetic ingredients. I loved it and I learned a lot
  • I finally made contact with the company that will make my brushes. After searching for a long time, I found 3 companies at once that fit the bill in USA, Hong Kong and China. I'm taking my time about the whole process of creating my own brand because it will have an African exotic twist to it. Don't want my roots to be forgotten.
  • I also found a few cosmetic manufacturers but given the nature of what I am trying to create, I need an experienced manufacturer.
  • I graduated from Leeds University on the 25th of July, most of my family was present. It was a good day. I am currently Her Royal Poshness (BSc Hons). He he he...
  • I am returning to medical school on the 24th of August and ISA I will be done with med school by the end of March. Once I return to med school, you will have even less of me because it is my final year and I want it to be the best. I will endeavour to make some scheduled posts so you always have something to keep you entertained
  • I have decided to use Vimeo for my videos. I don't like how people turn a simple make up video into a battlefield on YouTube and since I cannot stop it, I have decided not to create avenue for it.
  • How is Vimeo different? For starters not many people are on it. Every video will be embedded in HD on my blog so I don't have a 'channel' per se (no advert banners too!) and I can control who embeds my videos. Most make up videos are over 5 minutes long and on YT, the only way to do that is to be a guru. I don't want to be known as a 'YT guru' I think it takes a lot away from the actual person. I am subscribed to most YT gurus but I only watch a few videos (oops!). I want anyone who subscribes to my blog to do so because they want to, people who actually read the posts and enjoy them. So Vimeo it is.
  • I have A LOT to giveaway if I can just get round to making posts! There's a set of 17 MAC brushes, some travel brushes, Nars blushes, a GHD styler, some anastasia brow kits etc. There's always something posh to win on posh-ville, so you better stay put. Currently I am giving away a 'Beloved' fragrance here. All my giveaways are international friendly, except when there are shipping restrictions
  • I hope to gather as much inspiration as I can from home and more jet setting :) If you have any ideas or suggestions, my antennas are alert.

Stay beautiful...


  1. Look at youuuu.I am so proud of all that you are doing. Graduating, traveling, business ventures. You rock on, lady! But come back to Twitter because I miss you!

  2. HRP,congrats on your grad!
    I am happy for you with d brushes and d progress you hav made......
    We r solidly behind u...
    I'm still xpectn ur reply abt ma mail,please.....

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